About Us


My Name is Roger Dollins, and I am the proprietor  of  Business Support 4u

I have over 35 years experience operating successful small and large businesses, focusing mainly on retail outlets. I have been involved with the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses for many years, holding various posts including Chairman in both organisations. During this time I have worked with and provided business support and advice for many businesses in the South West in different market sectors.

Over the years I have attended numerous business meetings and courses covering all aspects of business practice, financial and operational, and  through talking with and advising business people in many different sectors, I have gained considerable knowledge of what is required to create a sustainable and profitable business model.

I started Business Support 4u after discovering many of the business support options in the market place were either run by people who had very limited business experience, or those whose charges were unrealistic and were beyond the budget of most businesses. Indeed in some cases the consultants suffered from a combination of lack of business acumen and very high fees with no follow up after the contract was finished.

At Business Support 4u you can be sure you will receive the support you require when you need it and at  an affordable price,  this combined with the best possible client experience will I am sure exceed your expectations.

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